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To find out more, please visit our Palomar Health Palliative & Hospice Care website.

Intake Phone Line: 866-206-5644

Main/Nurse Line: 619-780-5469 

Hospice Care


Our goals are to alleviate physical pain and to provide psychosocial and emotional support. Our physician-led hospice team provides expert medical care aimed at minimizing physical pain with appropriate prescription medications, delivered to patients free of charge. 

In addition, our team includes social workers, bereavement counselors, and chaplain/spiritual leaders who serve as valuable custodians of patient and family wishes. If we do our job well, patients remain comfortable in their home environment, maintain dignity, and do not feel like a burden on their loved ones as our team provides valuable support to everyone close to the patient.


Palliative Care


Palliative Care is an additional layer of support for patients with advanced illness. Palliative Care services include physical pain management, advance care planning, psychosocial support for patients, spiritual support, and a 24/7 on-call team for crisis intervention.  

Each patient will have a physician-led interdisciplinary palliative care team, which includes nurses, social workers, a chaplain, and a dietitian.


Advance Care Planning and Goals-of-Care conversations are proven to reduce hospitalizations by 9%